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  • Susan Hilton

Top six things a Virtual Assistant can do for you

So rather than explain what a virtual assistant can do for you in endless paragraphs, here’s a quick list instead.

1. Personal errands – you have a life too and shopping on line, booking tradesmen can all take time out of your day – get your virtual assistant to complete these tasks for you.

  • Make purchases – anything that can arrive in the post! Table reservations, as well as make that night quite special

  • Track down problem orders –how long does that normally take!

  • Book the plumber/electrician/TV engineer – saves you being on the phone listening to whatever hold music is on

  • Manage the family calendar – one central calendar for all of you and include the kids holiday term times

  • Pay bills/set up direct debits

  • Research and send gifts

2. Email – you have a tonne of emails, your inbox is hundreds strong and somewhere in there are several contacts that you need. Your virtual assistant can save you hours by sifting through and organising all that for you.

  • Screen your emails

  • Sort the junk from more important emails – seeing an inbox that is 200 strong is enough to put anyone off!

  • Add peoples’ contact information

3. Marketing/business development – you are your business, but you need to promote your business more to get more and you don’t have time to look at all the ways to complete this. Bring in a virtual assistant and this will free you up to make those sales!

  • Update your email list for potential clients

  • Make a list of potential clients by researching people in your area

  • Research locally for advertising

  • Set up adverts/post on social media

4. Diary management – how many appointments?! You know someone’s coming to do something about the dripping tap, but can you remember when? Where did you write that down!?

  • Coordinate and schedule appointments

  • Confirm appointments

  • Provider reminders – appointments, birthdays etc.

  • Work out an itinerary and ensure those persons close to you know where you will be when – no more Facebook ‘I am here!’ for everyone to see

5. Travel – oh to travel, where to go, what to do, what about the kids, what about the dog…..

  • Research destinations

  • Sort out the best flights to make the most of your holiday time

  • Hotels, including the best hotels for that romantic getaway, or family time!

  • Pet sitting – of course, when you are away, the pets have to stay!

  • Insurances

  • Things do to – list of all those sights to see, places to be

6. Small business owners – you don’t have time to do all the administrative tasks and your business at the same time. These are things that can be passed on to your virtual assistant.

  • Fill out online forms

  • Convert files – need a pdf but it is in word?!

  • Handle social media – set up all your posts for a time that is more suited to you and your business

  • Take notes/minutes for online meetings

  • Proofread documents/presentations/blogs

Any of those ring a bell for you?! Well, maybe it is time to get a virtual assistant on your books! Yes, it is a task in itself to hire a VA, but check out my other blog on How to Hire a VA and Carry on! Drop me a line, I am sure I can help!

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