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Welcome to Mayday-VA

Welcome to Mayday-VA, your Viral Personal Assistant Service of choice. Delivering professional administration services to support private individuals and small/medium businesses. Explore the website to find out how Mayday-VA can be of service to you.

Mayday-VA is all about taking a weight off your shoulders and the benefits are limitless. You have an affordable Virtual Assistant whenever you need it; a dedicated, personalised service for your small to medium business or to be you personal lifestyle assistant.

Mayday-VA will go above and beyond in order to deliver excellent results. With the services offered, you will be able to focus on what really matters - and leave the rest to Mayday-VA. Contact Mayday-VA today to start working together soon!

How Can I Help?

Private Personal Assistance/Lyfestyle assistant

Private Personal Assistance

Helping you on your everyday tasks

Business Support

Business Support

Business admin and Social Media Support

Proof Reader Charter Mark


Accredited proof reader from  College of Media and Publishing

Typing on a Typewriter


Audio and video transcription services


About me

After moving from northwest to southeast England over a decade ago and having various PA jobs through different companies, I decided to set up a more personalised service designed to help small/medium businesses and individuals to manage their everyday admin tasks. Based near Reading, Berkshire, I will help you achieve your admin goals with an efficient and discreet personalised service.

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